Live 1971 (CD) by Mississippi Fred McDowell

Live 1971 (CD)

“I Don’t Play No Rock & Roll” Fred McDowell famously said, but many Rock &Rollers play Fred’s music. His bottleneck guitar playing is essential to the blues genre and has influenced countless players. Fred was an originator of a style called North Mississippi Blues or Hill Country Blues. The style has been carried on by Luther Dickinson, R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough. Fred was born in 1904 and began playing guitar in his teens, but never made a recoding until he was “discovered” by Alan Lomax in 1959. He quickly became popular in both folk and blues circles. He played the Newport Folk Festival and toured Europe.

1. My Babe 2. Louise 3. Morning Little Schoolgirl 4. John Henry 5. The Sun Rose This Morning 6. When I Lay My Burden Down 7. Jesus Is On The Main Line 8. You Got To Move 9. Worried Blues 10. Como, Mississippi Jump 11. Going Away Baby 12. Mojo Hand (Louisiana Blues) 13. Lord I Wonder 14. Kokomo Blues 15. Write Me A Few Lines 16. Someday Baby 17. 61 Highway 18. Got A Letter This Morning 19. Fred’s Shakedown

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