Q&A LOUDSPEAKERS: What are the advantages of low-sensitivity ones?


"Scuse my ignorance, but given the fact that Hi Fi is all about gains and losses in an endless spiral of compromises and 'more of this means less of that', can the Wam-gurus please explain what the benefits of low-sensitivity speakers are over high-sensitivity models? The benefits of high sensitivity over low is obvious, but I've read somewhere that low-sensitivity drivers have other gifts... I just can't remember what.

I love my 85dB Stand-mount Roskans (150W continuous at 4 Ohms), which are nevertheless gas-guzzlers, for sure. They need most of my 100W integrated a lot of the time. But they do some things so breathtakingly well that I am prepared to forgive them their minor sins in other areas. That said, I'm wondering whether powerful valve amplification might help them. I've been reading plenty about Valve amplification on the Wam of late (tasty kit for sale, and lots of debate, too) and it seems to me that at 85dB my Darius's might not suit valves at all. Furthermore, if I got 'easier to drive' units I don't want to lose one jot of what I've got with the Darius's, which is sometimes so involving that I'm left speechless.

Any insights very gratefully received."

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