DSD: Jared Sacks interview

Jason Victor Serinus writes:

Some months back, SACD and DSD champion Jared Sacks, founder of Channel Classics, stopped by Casa Bellecci-Serinus in Oakland for an extended chat about the history of his label, recording in DSD, and his new NativeDSD.com download site. I started our conversation by asking Jared to share his history with music and the industry with Stereophile:

Jared Sacks: I'm an American who has been in Holland for over 37 years. At Channel Classics, I do most everything alone, and my wife does the booklet designing. With 2 1/2 people in the company, we keep it small.

I work differently than most others in charge of labels in that I want to be part of the process the moment that I'm not making the recording. Most labels just get a finished copy, but that's not why I'm doing this. I love making these recordings with wonderful artists; it's a real pity that I have to sell them

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