HARBETH: Dangers of buying from unauthorised sources?

From their User Group:

We've all been tempted. The idea of saving a few pounds by buying something from someone/somewhere that we know shouldn't be selling it. But, be warned - there are serious repercussions which could turn the idea into a nightmare. Do not purchase Harbeth speakers without serial numbers!

Please read this carefully:

1) 100% of Harbeth speaker leave the factory with individual serial numbers on the rear panel and on the carton. Those serial numbers allow you to Register your speakers and for us to grant you Warranty.

2) If the speakers have no serial number, they have been torn-off by the seller. There is ALWAYS a reason behind the removal of the serial numbers. Serial numbers do not remove themselves.

3) Harbeth Authorised Sellers would not EVER tamper with our serial numbers, so whoever is selling does not want the speakers or their history to be exposed.

4) Unfortunately, if there is no serial number, we cannot provide any after care at all. To provide any after care we or our Authorised Sellers must have the original, valid serial number to cross-check.

5) Without a valid serial number it is not possible to for us to validate the original sales invoice from Harbeth to a Harbeth Authorised Seller, nor to validate that the speakers are in the country of original destination, nor to act on your behalf should you need after care; you will be entirely on your own.

It is extremely foolhardy to purchase anonymous goods from unauthorised sellers - you are asking to be cheated and you most likely will be cheated. Don't put yourself at risk because neither Harbeth UK nor any of it's Authorised Agents can or will be able to help you.

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