HIGH END GEAR: What do you consider to be high end vintage gear?

I’m changing this around a little. I’ve decided to leave out turntables because there are already a few good threads on them. I am also leaving out integrated amps because I don't want to go down that road. If you want to post integrated amps, please create a new thread. If you disagree with any items I list, I would be interested in knowing why, although that may not change anything, it is good to have opposing views. I am also being very specific. Only brand and model numbers will go on the list. I will post the update here at the beginning and also at the time I post it.

Please supply the model and year of manufacture when you list something. This will make it easier for me to tabulate, which is a lot of work.

To me, high end audio is about quality build and quality sound. I used to work for DEC, and learned to love well designed and well built equipment. And there are degrees. I look at my Bose 1801 and I think it is a well designed, well built unit with a few funnies, like plastic controls. I have been tempted to get duplicate McIntosh controls from a C32 and use them instead. Similar styling, but the Mc controls are mostly metal. I still think the 1801 is a high end unit though.

And in terms of who is right and who is wrong on this thread, I have no idea. And if I have left something out, that is very possible. Not to slight any product or person, but I am only human.

I am currently at post #95. I will update this number as I go.


Bose 4401
Kenwood Supreme 700C
Luxman CL-35 III preamp
McIntosh C26
McIntosh C28
McIntosh C32
Threshold T2 preamp
Yamaha C-1
Yamaha CX-10000 control amplifier

Power Amps

Bose 1801
ESS Eclipse power amp
Great American Sound (G.A.S.) Ampzilla
Great American Sound (G.A.S.) Son of Ampzilla
Harman Kardon Citation
Kenwood Supreme 700M
Kenwood L-09M
Kenwood L-07M
Luxman MB-3045 tube amp
Luxman A3000 tube amp
McIntosh MC2105,
McIntosh MC2300,
Onkyo grand integra m-510
Quicksilver M135
Threshold S/500 Stasis
Threshold SA-4e amp
Threshold S-550e amp
Yamaha B-1
Yamaha MX-10000


Altec Barcelona
Altec-Lansing Model 19
Celestion Ditton 66
Dahlquist DQ-10
Dahlquist DQ-20
Dahlquist DQ-30
ESS AMT 1aM speakers
ET LFT speakers
Fisher XP-18
Infinity IRS Betas
JBL L300's
Kef Concerto
Kef 107
Kef 105
Kef 104/2
KLH Model Nine Electrostatics
Martin-Logan CLS.
Nestorovic Labs System 12
Nestorovic Labs System 16
Quad ESL 57
Rogers LS3/5a
Speakerlab 50s
Wharfedale W90
Wharfedale SFB/3
Wharfedale Airedale
Yamaha NSX-10000 speakers
Yamaha GF1

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