MILES DAVIS: Chicago Jazz Festival 1990 (CD)

Miles Davis is backed by Kenny Garrett on alto saxophone and flute, Kei Agaki on synths, Richard Pattersonon bass, Ricky Wellman on drums, Erin Davis (Mile’s youngest son, incorrectly announced as John Bigham)on electronic percussion, and John “Foley” McCreary, Jr. on “lead bass” - a custom Blue Marble instrument tuned almost an octave higher than a standard model to fill the role of a lead guitarist.

The choice of material was equally as curious and exciting, consisting of one cut apiece from 1983’s StarPeople and 1989’s Amandla, a few numbers previously un-released on studio recordings, and a trio ofcovers - Scritti Politti’s ‘Perfect Way,’ Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’ and Michael Jackson’s ‘HumanNature.’

Despite rumours of failing health during this period, Miles’ playing is just as sharp and energetic as ever it was, and his band expertly blend together a complex mixture of jazz, funk and fusion. Broadcast live on local radio for those unable to attend, this CD captures the group’s full set providing a snapshot of a jazz greatgiving one of the finest performances of his late career. Sadly, there were scant opportunities left for such as little more than a year after performing the show, now available here for the first time, Miles Davis passed away at the age of 65

1. Perfect Way 05:55
2. Star People 10:35
3. Hannibal 12:57
4. The Senate, Me And You 11:09
5. Human Nature 11:58
6. Time After Time 08:51
7. Wrinkle 06:25
8. Final Announcements 01:44

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