ED MEITNER: The audio maverick interviewed


Robert Harley (Stereophile magazine) writes: Ed Meitner is one of those rare individuals who charts his own course in audio product design. From his platterless turntable of the mid-1980s to his new Intelligent Digital Audio Translator (IDAT, reviewed elsewhere in this issue), Ed Meitner's products have been distinguished by original thinking and innovative engineering. Although not all his designs have been commercially successful, in each he has attempted to advance the state of the art by rethinking fundamental principles.

Ed is also pursuing an ambitious project that would radically change the way recordings are made. It began when he recorded an electric guitar through a 10" guitar-amp loudspeaker and was dismayed that it was impossible to even come close to capturing and realistically reproducing this apparently simple sound through another 10" speaker. This experience launched his investigation into why reproduced sound is never mistaken for live music, a quest that may result in a radically new recording technique.

As the designer of the LIM Detector, the jitter measurement instrument used in the research for January's "The Jitter Game," Ed is also at the forefront of quantifying and analyzing jitter in digital processors.

During a visit to Museatex Audio, where Ed is principal engineer, I talked with him about ...

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