DYNAVECTOR: Their DV SSP-5 6-channel SuperStereo processor and DV SSA-6 6-channel amplifier

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The SSP-5 processor builds on the success of the Adp-2 SuperStereo processor by further enhancing the concert hall realism obtained from both recorded music and live broadcasts. The SSP-5 offers a choice of 4 different dispersion characteristics with a consequent greater match to recording auditoria acoustics. It can accept inputs from 2 different sources, at either low or high levels, and has a master volume control for all 6 channels. Inputs such as CD, radio tuner, SACD, DVD and cassette deck can therefore be made direct without the need for a pre-amplifier. The two units have been designed to work together. While they can be used individually with other equipment, the best results will be obtained by using them together.

The overriding design objective has been to bring the concert hall and opera house to your listening room: to create as near as possible the immediacy, ambience, and naturalness of live music. Particular attention has been paid in the circuitry and choice of components of both units to ensure that the sound produced is accurate and musical with excellent timbre, both instrumental and vocal.

The aim has been to combine the musicality and finesse of a good valve amplifier with the definition, reliability and ease of use of a solid state design. Good results are obtained immediately after switch-on, and peak performance is obtained after a 10-15 minute warm-up. In addition, the amplifier has the advantages of being especially heavy, producing very little heat and not being excessively large.

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