DUANE ALLMAN: Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective – by Bud Scoppa



"The charismatic slide guitar god and Southern rock avatar finally gets his due via a massive career overview... Until now, no guitar great’s career has been as under-represented as has that of Duane Allman, who packed a lifetime’s worth of music into seven intensive and wildly productive years. Previous efforts to compile Allman’s body of work were stymied by lawsuits and massive licensing issues. It took the concerted efforts of Bill Levenson, who’d been forced to shelve an earlier attempt at a career overview while working at Universal Music in the mid-’90s, and Galadrielle Allman, Duane’s only child, who’s been on a lifelong mission to get to know her father through his music, to finally bring the long-delayed project to fruition."

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