HENDRIX: Did he enjoy his fame?


On the whole, I would say no. When Jimi Hendrix was presented by Chas Chandler in England, it must have been an overwhelming experience. Before September 1966, Hendrix had spent most of his working life, broke and sleeping outside doorways etc.

Then once in London, Jimi settled into more plush surroundings. Everything was happening overnight, practically. After all, it was pure chance that Chas Chandler just happened to be at the Cafe Wha? nightclub in the Greenwich Village, New York where Jimi was playing.

Once the Jimi Hendrix Experience group was put on the road, the work schedule quickly grew tiring and the band weren't seeing very much of their earnings. This was courtesy of that shadowy figure - Mike Jeffrey.

All of the above reasons qualify for Jimi hendrix not enjoying his fame and success.

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