BOB DYLAN: Finjan Club


They tell us....

At the time this legendary Bob Dylan gig was performed, his debut record had been in the shops just four months, and Dylan was still a virtual unknown in circles outside of the Greenwich Village folk community. But in the summer of 1962, Terri van Ronk, wife of the late great Village folksinger Dave van Ronk, began arranging a few out-of-town gigs for the fresh-faced young Bob.

He was brought in at short notice to perform at Moe Feinbergs PotPourri Club, located at 1432 Stanley Street in Montreal; Dylan was apparently paid $125 for a four-night engagement there, which ran from June 28th to July 1st. Unfortunately, those shows were not documented, but Dylan was asked to stay on in Montreal and on July 2nd he performed at the Finjan Club on Victoria Avenue.