AUDIO NOTE: Peter Qvortrup interviewed

Kari Nevalainen: Audio Note UK participated in the Helsinki HifiExpo 2011 with a system that comprised of AN-E/SEC Signature loudspeakers, ANJ UK's Onkagu integrated, Level Five CD-transport and Fifth Element DAC, the AN-TT Two turntable with the new ARM Three and IoI MC cartridge, M9Phono pre-amplifier, and AN-SOGON cables. Many were truly impressed by the performance, and the secret - and the price - of the sound was afterwards vividly debated. In this interview the founder and owner of AN UK, Peter Qvortrup tells about the goals of his company, and methods developed to achieve them.

Before the interview I had sent Peter copies of the latest Issues of Inner magazine, and as a starter, asked what he made of Jules Coleman's piece "Musical Value and Its reproduction" in Issue 6?

PQ: I have read and reread Jules's piece, and it .....

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