KEVIN VOECKS / SNELL: Loudspeakers, Crossovers, & Rooms

Thomas J Norton (Stereophile Magazine) writes ......

Since he joined Snell Acoustics in the mid-1980s, Kevin Voecks, their chief designer (footnote 1), has been involved in the design or redesign of the entire Snell line, from the minor revision of the Type A/III (incorporation of a new tweeter), to the complete redesign of the Type C (now the CIII). Snell Acoustics is located in Massachusetts, and although Kevin spends a good deal of time there or at the measurement and analysis facilities of the Canadian National Research Council (NRC) in Ottawa, he does a great deal of his conceptual and preliminary design work, as well as his listening, in Los Angeles, where he makes his home. I visited him there last summer to gather a little insight into his background and loudspeaker design philosophy. I started by asking Kevin when had he first become interested in loudspeaker design..

Kevin Voecks: I had a hi-fi store in the Boston area, and it was really obvious that the big problem in hi-fi was the speakers. We had all the esoteric models and brands, but they all sounded completely different from each other—all of them had obvious problems that related to the speakers, that clearly weren't somewhere else in the system.

Thomas J. Norton: You started actually working on the designs of speakers when you were operating the store?

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