M&K: Ken Kreisel of M&K interviewed

Wes Phillips writes: 

With 25 years of experience in sound recording, audio retailing, and loudspeaker design and manufacturing, Ken Kreisel has insightful things to say about just about any audio-related subject. The president of Miller & Kreisel Sound Corp. (M&K), Kreisel pioneered the satellite/subwoofer speaker concept that laid the groundwork for the home theaters of today.

Kreisel wasn't content to simply ship his latest offspring to Santa Fe for review; he took us up on a standing offer made to all manufacturers and arrived on my doorstep to set up the speakers While he was here, Kreisel discussed his career, THX specifications, and the joy of deep, articulate bass with such passion and enthusiasm that the Larrys Archibald and Ullman felt it a shame to keep his wisdom to ourselves. Thus, one October afternoon, I had a long conversation with Ken Kreisel for the record.

Wes Phillips: How'd you get into this business?

Ken Kreisel: Stereo has been my hobby since I was about nine years old—stereo equipment and making recordings. I met Jonas Miller in 1969, my last year of high school, and I used to bring my master tapes to his high-end audio store in Beverly Hills. Listening to them on the equipment there got me interested in audio. This was at the beginning of the high-end era—Audio Research and Mark Levinson were just starting up, and all sorts of other brands were designing their first products.

I got a part-time job with Jonas, while [I was] studying pre-med, but I got bored with ...........

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