CELESTION: This man is very content with his Ditton 44 speakers and …


Well i have had a hearing test. went VG. So no probs there.. i think i must have started to get use to demo cd sounds. The thing is i have had some near 20 grand systems. 7k speakers 1k cables 7k amps and cdp around 4k.  All i have now is celestion ditton 44 on some nice little stands ow me £80 plus £28 for stands. Amp basic Luxman L1 pretty sure there lowest range and a sony es cd player.. So a basic system?

but i have tride loads of sets of speakers martin logan. proacs dynaudio b&w 800 range.. tons of amps valve and trans... wadia and burmister. playing the basic system above all day today and have had it on for 2 weeks.. And the sound is fantastic.. bass is deep and fast mids are lovely they might be that tiny little less detail but when i add to the system it always sounded poop.. these speakers are 40 year older and amp about 30 to any the high end stuff.. why was i upgrading all the time well trying to ?

I think this system sounds better. hi fis been my thing for 10 plus years.