AUDIOLAB: 8200CDQ – qualities and alternatives?


I have a Lavry DA11 today, which very nice, but I miss putting on a cd now and then, specially albums which I don't have digital on my computer (which don't have a cdp).

So Im looking for a CDP+DAC+Headphone- 1 box solution and im strongly considering a switch to Audiolab's 8200CDQ. There are quite a demand on Audiolab players these days so while I wait for arrival at my local dealer can anyone please tell what your experience with audiolabs cdq/mdac regarding to

*  Sound signature vs sources i know (dacmagic, Lavry da11, Naim cd5x, dacmagic, Hegel hd20)
*  General build, quality & durability

And are there good alternatives in the price range of Audiolab 8200CDQ ?

Dip in and out HERE

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