ALBERT: He got it right


“Everything that can be counted doesn’t necessarily count.  Everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.”  Albert Einstein must have had high-end audio and measuring in mind when he spoke those words oh so many years ago – but probably not since high-end audio didn’t exist.  🙂

However, it sure does apply today when we think about how our systems sound and how we can try and measure and categorize those findings into neat little boxes and then maneuver them around to suit or listening fancies – sometimes to no avail.

Fact is when it comes to quantifying what it is you listen for in music and how that presents itself in your system through various cables and pieces of kit, listening is the only valid measurement tool we have.  Sure we can come close to figuring out what makes some aspects sound the way they do, but not all – and I imagine we may never get it all measured and cataloged.

The end goal is to enjoy your music in remarkable fashion every time you sit and listen.

Measuring those areas that make it remarkable are an interesting exercise for many but for the majority of us, just listening and enjoying our systems is pleasure and satisfaction enough.

I wonder what kind of system Albert, a consumate music lover, might have enjoyed?

Paul McGowan / PS AUDIO

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