PAUL McCARTNEY: Why did he release the album “Let It Be…Naked”?


Pauli always hated what Phil Spector did to the Let It Be tapes with his overly orchestrated wall-of-sound additions and overlays which were totally unnecessary.

Paul wanted these additions removed and for the resulting recordings to be more like they had actually recorded them, however unfinished. I think “Naked” relied on the Glyn John’s produced versions a lot.


I am not trying to be flippant but It would not have been released without the consent and agreement of Ringo, Yoko and Olivia. So although Paul might have expressed more disdain for what he considered to be the overproduced “Specter Let It Be”, the new “Let It Be…Naked” doesn’t happen without the other three. So it’s not a Paul release. It’s a Beatles release.

And personally I prefer the Naked version. In my opinion Paul was right.

JAMES BUYERS writes ...

I love Let It Be Naked and it’s long been my ‘go to’ version of the album.

As for it being simply a “Paul” release, yes he was the most dissatisfied with Let It Be (With very good reason) and a cynic could simply see it as Paul “finally getting his own way”, but no official Beatle release can happen without the joint consent of Paul, Ringo, Yoko, Olivia and, until his death, Neil Aspinall.

But perhaps the closest to how Let It Be “should have been” is the Glyn Johns mix…

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