TAJ MAHAL: Ultrasonic Studios, Long Island, October 15th 1974 (CD)


We are told .....

One of the most revered figures in late 20th Century American blues and roots music, by 1974 Taj Mahal had devised a unique style drawing on a huge variety of sources. This superb set typifies his eclectic approach and mastery of the guitar, and comes complete with background notes and images.

  1. Intro 0.18
  2. Going up to the Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue 4.08
  3. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 5.52
  4. Black Jack Davey 5.35
  5. Why Did You Have to Desert Me 10.22
  6. Interview 7.51
  7. Further On Down The Road 5.28
  8. Stealin’ 10.29
  9. Instrumental 3.48
  10. Johnny Too Bad 7.14
  11. Take A Giant Step 4.33

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