JANIS IAN: Bottom Line Archive Series: Live 1980 (CD)



This is the great Janis Ian, in her prime, live, and at a legendary venue. The voice is timeless and instantly identifiable, conversational, totally unique. The musicianship is impeccable, as always. The songwriting is far beyond her years, like channeling some wisdom born of lifetimes of experience. For those of us who couldn't be there, this is a rare gift - a memorable evening captured in time, so that we can go back and have a glimpse, a small taste of a very special performance. How lucky are we?

1. From Me To You
2. Night Rains
3. I Would Like To Dance
4. Jesse
5. The Other Side of the Sun
6. In The Winter
7. Silly Habits
8. Memories
9. Fly Too High
10. At Seventeen
11. Stars

Bonus Tracks:
12. Society s Child
13. At Seventeen
(Recorded March 7, 1991) --The Bottom Line Archive

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