AMPS: The greatest, circa 1977-80?


I know this is always a thorny question when pertaining to actual products, but since we now have 30 years in retrospect, it might be a little easier to find a consensus on equipment that have withstood the test of time, say a Top Five?
I've just come back from a listening session using a pair of Proacs and a Micromega transport/DAC player as constants. First up was a Technics SU-8600 which sounded just sublime. We then switched the Technics for a Bryston 3B for comparisons. The technics was far more "musical''.

The Brystons were much more clearer and very ''intimidating'' sounding at first, but you eventually lose interest in the music as they were much colder sounding. This was no surprise for those who've heard these before. We then put in a Pioneer SA-7500II and it was an immediate relief to have the musicality back. The Pioneer was was far from neutral as there seemed to be a boost in both the bass region around 80Hz and the highs at 10Khz or so.

The soundstage however, was huge and stable. We then put back the Technics and it was apparent what a great amp this was. It sounded pretty neutral, but extremely musical, making you want to keep listening to the music. It was a moving experience! So the SU-8600, definitely in my Top Five!

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