TANNOY: Chatsworth Gold

The cabinets are scratched and show signs of their 50 odd years, but appear solid. I've not had the drivers out yet, all too keen to hear what they can do.

Initial impressions, sat on 3 bean can stands is really nice bass, there's a nice thwack that Eaton's don't match. Think they need another 3" in height for the pinpoint image, tweeter is below ear height.

Before I build new cabs, I can refurbish the originals, thankfully older veneer is thicker and will stand a good sanding.

New fabric required, there's a tear in one. I've seen the ebay stuff, any other suppliers?

Thinking of improving the cabinets, thoughts about 12mm front baffle and sitting the driver on the face? Will I gain a few inches volume for internal 'shelves' and/ or battens to add rigidity?

The padding on the back panel is pretty tight against the back of the driver, not something I've noticed on other models?

Lots of other threads here about suggesting leaving the crossovers alone, but I've possibly got an issue with a 4 pin connector, expensive new replacement on the Bay?


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