SAFFRON SUMMERFIELD : Salisbury Plain / Fancy Meeting You Here! (CD)

Salisbury Plain / Fancy Meeting You Here! (CD)

Saffron Summerfield is a highly respected singer/songwriter and guitarist.One of the few women acoustic bottle-neck blues guitarists, Saffron learnt from black blues musicians when visiting Mississippi in 1977.She has toured the UK,Europe,USA,New Zealand and Hong Kong many times. Played at most major UK Folk festivals including Cambridge,Ely, Sidmouth, and Marymass. She has played support to Joan Armatrading, Fairport Convention and one memorable Radio One show with rock band Free!A one time member of Trader Horne (an off-shoot of Fairport Convention) Saffron's first recordings have been reissued worldwide. To celebrate 40 years of recording Talking Elephant Records are reissueing these two seventies classic albums 'Salisbury Plain' and 'Fancy Meeting You Here!' on one CD.

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