Blast from the past from 2006: Howard, what’s your current system?

Howard Popeck

Due to the nature of my work, I use quite a few pieces of equipment in various combinations. So my own answer should be seen in the light of what I am listening to currently rather than my favourite system.At the moment I am using a system comprising all second-hand units bought off eBay or the classified ads in Hi-Fi World

This system is currently using the cheapest power cords I can find and very old QED 79-strand speaker cable. There is a reason for this.

I'm about to start evaluating the prototype more advanced issues of the Cassiel (optimised for STAX) CAS power cords and the prototype of the Damiel (optimised for QUAD and Arcam) range of power cords. So I need a base to start from.

So, currently, this is what I have:

JBL L100 Century loudspeakers.

Partington very heavy custom-built stands for the JBLs.

A pair of LFD PA3 mono power amps

A Krell KSP-7B preamp

Meridian 500.2 transport

Musical Fidelity V8DAC

STAX 12s preamp used as an energiser

STAX SRXMk3 earspeakers

Interconnects are Stereovox and LFD

My Funk turntable has yet to connected.


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