STAX: Talent DAC in two versions

Hello Howard and Neil. There are 2 types of STAX Talent DAC – Talent and Talent dB. Do you know the differences?

In a word, no, I don't know the differences. Very few DAC Talent units were imported into the UK and so information is scarce. it had quite good reviews at the time but curiously seemed quite dependent on the transport being used. By today’s standard I suspect that the bass would be slow and soft. However the mid range would even today be very hard to beat. The sound would be spacious. treble detail would probably fall short of today's standards. I think today I would not pay more than 200 euros for one. Please bear in mind that it probably can not be serviced today anywhere other than back at the makers in Japan.

One thought on “STAX: Talent DAC in two versions

  1. The DAC Talent got the current from the main.
    The version BD was battery packed and of course free from current fluctuation.
    This second version is much more difficult to find.
    Hope this help.

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