MO FOSTER: The bass master interviewed by Bass Inside magazine

Many if not all artists wrestle with their own identity at one time or another. `What am I first and foremost: a bassist, singer, songwriter, all or some of the above?` In listening to your new release, TIME TO THINK, am I safe in saying that you are past that point in your life, that the quest for who you are and what you are, is somewhat settled?

I wish. I’ve no plan. I’m endlessly searching and trying many things. Some of them work, some don’t. I write music, I produce, and I have, in the past, been privileged to play with, for example, Jeff Beck at The Greek Theatre in LA, Phil Collins at London’s Hammersmith Odeon, jazz composer Gil Evans at The Montreux Jazz Festival, and The London Symphony Orchestra at The Barbican theatre in London. Every gig was wonderful (or terrifying) in its own way – and I’m sure there will be more like them – but right now I’d rather play with my own band.

You state in the liner notes for this album, that though it would have been nice and easy to record TIME TO THINK with the same musicians you have recorded your previous two solo albums with, but it was simply also, time for a change. This time out, you decided to work without a drummer. This can allow the music to find its own natural rhythm, not dictated by constraint. The listener is given the freedom to find his or her own pulse to the music - were these some of the goals you set out to attain?

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