IGGY POP: His John Peel lecture reviewed

Iggy Pop delivers the 2014 BBC Music John Peel Lecture on the topic of Free Music in a Capitalist Society.

Iggy Pop tackled the thorny question of free music in a capitalist society, says Pete Naughton

Four years ago, the BBC began a yearly lecture series in commemoration of John Peel, their late - and sorely missed - musical discoverer-in-chief.

Its remit, according to the official blurb, was to “shape a debate and create insight around music and music related media”, which sounded rather like something that was agreed upon after a long and tiring session in a conference room.

Happily, the lectures have turned out to be rather more irreverent affairs in practise, in which a series of eloquent, ethically-conscious musicians - Pete Townshend, Billy Bragg, and, last year, Charlotte Church - have each addressed a personal bugbear about British musical culture.

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