ELITE RECORDINGS: A Conversation With Freelance Recording Engineer Veteran Marc Aubort


Marc Aubort began his career in the late 1940’s working first with wire recorders and later with tape. Aubort first came to America in 1955 to inspect the American operation of European budget label MMS (Musical Masterpiece Society).

In 1956 he made his first recording (monophonic) for the Vanguard label in Vienna, returning to America for good shortly thereafter to become Vanguard’s chief engineer for eight years from 1958 to 1965.

In the 1970’s, when the recording world went batty for multi-miked, multi-tracked productions, Aubort and his then producer, the late Joanna Nickrenz, who passed away in 2002, remained true to their belief that simply miked productions, though often more difficult, time consuming and expensive, created more spacious, dynamic, natural-sounding recordings that were more pleasing to the ear and more importantly, true to the composer’s intentions. Their production company was appropriately named “Elite Recordings.”