VINTAGE: Best preamp?

I'm wondering what people think is a good vintage preamp?

I have a Mcintosh C40 in my office and I like that, although I don't think it qualifies as vintage (c. '92-'98). Downstairs I am building a more vintage system for the "pool room" (unfinished corner of my basement where the pool table is...the stereo sits on an old workbench. Not fancy but dry and clean).

So far I have a Yamaha YP-D71 turntable and A/D/S L 1290 II speakers. I want to use a "replica" Dynaco ST-70 that I have, so I am sort of looking around for a vintage preamp. I always used integrateds back in the day so I don't have much experience with preamps. Needs phono! Opinions? Thanks!

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