ATC Loudspeakers / Bill Woodman – behind the scenes

As someone who played jazz piano, Bill wanted loudspeaker systems that were good at reproducing piano. His love of jazz, especially piano jazz is a reason for his early career in the loudspeaker business. He played jazz as a pianist on board a ship to the UK.

On his way to England he applied for a position with Goodman’s, he recollects his application Floyd.d he was the best candidate available, and he got the job! He was in the Special Projects department before moving to the laboratory. Amongst the advanced developments they developed edge wound ribbon voice coils,although they did not take this much further.

Bill came toMAC from Castlemaine, everything conspiring to wreck his talk. His car broke down, the new model speakers highly anticated held up by the courier company, the heat wave not helping. Then the Victorian Dealer had a family emergency, George described it as …..

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