Roger McGuinn – ELECTRIC LADYLAND – 1991 The Classic New York Broadcast (CD)


Following his series of solo albums for Columbia, Roger McGuinn recorded infrequently during the 1990s, so this live recording from a1991 concert broadcast, played at Electric Ladyland studios in New York, will have huge appeal for fans of this maverick composer and performer.

McGuinn revisits some older material with success, including "Tiffany Queen" (first recorded for the Byrds' final LP, Farther Along), Bob Dylan's now legendary "Mr. Tambourine Man," and Pete Seeger's famous recasting of biblical verse ("Turn! Turn! Turn!"), though the finale of "Eight Miles High" is the most dramatic and dynamic version of the oldies on offer.

Most of the set however leans toward newer material, including collaborations with his wife ("Someone to Love," "The Trees Are All Gone," and "Car Phone") and Tom Petty ("King of the Hill"), and some of this material (especially the infectious "Car Phone") compares favourably to McGuinn's writing from the 1960s and 1970s.

The excellent recording quality and good playing make this CD stand far above typical broadcast recordings of this hue.

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