PAUL WELLER: Saturns Pattern (CD+DVD+Vinyl Box Set)

Who best to describe Paul Weller’s first album for the Parlophone label other than Paul himself: “I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done. I can’t compare it to any of my other albums. I think it’s different – not just for me, but different for what else is around. It’s defiantly 21st-Century music.” – Uncut (January 2015)

Nearly 40 years into his recording career, Paul continues to challenge and excite both himself and the listener, by constantly evolving as a song-writer and musician, always moving forwards and pursuing fresh creative avenues and Paul’s new album Saturns Pattern does not disappoint.

1. White Sky

2. Saturns Pattern

3. Going My Way

4. Long Time

5. Pick It Up

6. I’m Where I Should Be

7. Phoenix

8. In The Car…

9. These City Streets

Bonus tracks on CD (within Deluxe Box Set)

10. (I'm A) Roadrunner

11. Dusk Til Dawn

12. White Sky (Prof. Kybert vs. The Moons Remix)

DVD track-listing

1. Saturns Pattern (Behind the Album)

2. Saturns Pattern (track-by-track)

3. White Sky (video)

4. Long Time (video)

5. Long Time (behind-the-scenes)

6. Saturns Pattern photo-shoot (behind-the-scenes

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