MIMI FARINA: And Tom Jans – Case Western Reserve 08-04-72 (CD)

Amid extensive touring prior to the release of their acclaimed 1971 album Take Heart, Mimi Farina and Tom Jans prepared themselves for the recording that would ultimately signify their partnership and help to establish their legacy with a larger audience. Once again they were on the road with an appearance in Cleveland, Ohio for a show at the Case Western Reserve University campus where WNCR-FM were present. Farina and Jans opened for Dave Van Ronk Performing only a thin portion of their acclaimed album, the show opener was a stark version of In The Quite Morning (for Janis Joplin), a hugely popular number from their album alongside Jans’ Loving Arms, both of which firmly established the pair as worthy composers.

Following with Merle Haggard’s Mama Tried, an adaptation familiar to their followers, the set included their two singles Good God, I’m Feeling Fine and Madman (from Take Heart).Klondike’s re-mastered, entire WNCR-FM broadcast displays the bare talents of Farina and Jans at their critical best and with great authenticity. Klondike presents a glorious tribute to the often-overlooked work of two seminal figures in the American folk scene of the seventies.

  • Classic live radio broadcast from 1972
  • Includes the entire broadcast
  • Digitally remastered for enhanced sound quality
  • Background liners

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