Vintage tube gear care

If there is an interest I would be happy to provide ways to warm up with a variac, clean potentiometers and generally go about the cleaning and caretaking of a vintage amp to get it up to speed. This is not by any means a cure all but just a guideline for getting old tube amps up and making sweet sounds. If you follow these basic rules then it makes it easier for a tech to find large problems if they exist. So it is a win win situation.

Often the way a piece of gear sounds after a propere warming up can tell you not only if something is wrong but what it is. I am far from being an expert at fixing gear but have gotten very good at avoiding problems through improper warm ups. If you want to play with vintage tube gear there is definatly a method to getting things to work right unless they are broke.

Don't go through the method and you do stand chances of creating 60 cycle hums and other bad things that High Voltage gear does not hold in common with Low Voltage Solid State gear.

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