‘The New Face Of Jazz’: An Interview:

The New Face Of Jazz cover

About a year ago, a curious new website appeared, claiming to represent The New Face Of Jazz. With so much of jazz's public image oriented toward the music of decades past, it seemed important to follow. But who was this new face? How would it be profiled? Why was it being done? Who was behind it?

In the following months, those questions were slowly answered as details emerged. And earlier this week, all was revealed with the release of a new book called The New Face Of Jazz. Subtitled "An Intimate Look At Today's Living Legends And The Artists Of Tomorrow," it's comprised of short profiles and personal statements from many of today's top jazz musicians. Its scope is impressive, from the hotly buzzed-about talent of today, to wise veterans of the scene, and great artists who enjoy very little press attention.

Author Cicily Janus spent the last few years of her life gathering interviews with all the artists in the book — and more — then compiling them all together.

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