SPENDOR: BC1s – ‘It is great to have these ‘old friends’ back… ‘

Editor’s note 24/04/19: Hello colleague members ….. Although the link nudges towards an ‘old’ thread, I did find it interesting and hopefully some of you will find it useful too having just checked it for relevance.


OK, we all know about these...
Thing is, I owned a pair for 32 years ( from new ) and sold them in 2008.
Ever done something you ( almost ) instantly regret ? Well, this was a case in point.
Then, almost 'out of the blue' a pair became available at a price a lot lower than I would have expected.

Then it became clear there was a problem. According to the Seller one didn't 'sound right.'

Leave it, I thought, but a friend said, "Go ahead. Buy them. I'll help you sort them out." Well, he is a amplifier and speaker designer so I bought them.
We collected them and they were in good condition, complete with the original,Spendor stands.

Upon reaching home, my friend removed the rear panel and we discovered one of the braids to the voice coil on a bass/mid. drivers has fractured. Oh, that could be an expensive repair, I thought. No matter, worth trying to repair. That evening, with careful use of a small soldering iron, I managed to re-attach the braid. A spot of RS silicone rubber compound over the joint and the unit worked.

The driver was returned to my friend and he re-fitted the driver.

The next day he told me he has electrically checked the BC1s and all was well.
Not only that, he felt they were the best pair he had heard to date. Yesterday they came back to my house.

In conclusion, yes, they are exceptionally good. Slightly better than my originals, no doubt.

My first ones were the models with the white roll surround, which were affected by the 'Summer of '76.'

Spendor changed the drivers for me, but I recall that at the time the BC1 was not always up to spec. as Spendor was having some problems with the bass/mid. drivers.
(This is documented somewhere on the Yahoo Spendor Group files)

It is great to have these 'old friends' back...

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