My name is Adam and I am now the director of Royd Audio. For those of you who do not already know me I am an industrial designer with a history of involvement in Hi Fi. I do not for one moment compare myself to the genius of Joe Ackroyd, however I am fortunate to have surrounded myself with people of equal talent, a gifted audio engineer and a production engineer. Between us we have high hopes to carry on Joe's legacy.

I have for some time been working hard behind the scenes to bring this beloved brand back to life. Sadly the old company has long gone however I am lucky enough to have taken hold of the brand and the mark. In the coming weeks we will finish testing and development of a loudspeaker design that will launch with a new website. It will bring the brand bang up to date and should be a familiar sight to those that already own Royd loudspeakers.

We considered very carefully if we should or could offer a ...


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