PS AUDIO: Streaming Audio and Other Rants

Written by Jay Jay French

First off, I hope many of you are listening to my new Podcast called The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music (available on Spotify, Apple Music and

Great topics, great guests, and my new book, Twisted Business: Lessons From my Life in Rock n Roll is coming out in September.

Among the many fun things one can do to while away the hours in this pandemic exile is nonstop net surfing.

The fact that our phones now know our inner thoughts to the degree that all we have to do apparently is think of something and then…poof, the subject magically appears in the Google search engine is eerie, to say the least. So terrifying is this Big Brother aspect that the fact that it happens is a rant all to itself.

I will however, hold back on that in favor of commenting about all the various “expert” opinions about speaker cables, turntables, digital vs. analog, and my current pet peeve, hi-res streaming.

Perhaps I’ve been in this game too long.

I know what I know and I know what I hear.

When the “experts” tell us on their YouTube channel that there is .....


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