NICO: The End (2CD)

Nico's 1974 album remastered and expanded into a 2CD set with the inclusion of five tracks from two John Peel sesions, two tracks from the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1975 and two tracks from the Rainbow Theatre review by Dave Thompson: "It is one of the most entrenched visions in the rock critic's vocabulary; Nico as doomed valkyrie, droning death-like through a harsh gothic monotone, a drained beauty pumping dirges from her harmonium while a voice as old as dirt hangs cobwebs round the chords. In fact she only made one album which remotely fit that bill -- this one -- and it's a symbol of its significance that even the cliché emerges as a thing of stunning beauty. Her first album following three years of rumor and speculation, The End was consciously designed to highlight the Nico of already pertinent myth. Stark, dark, bare, and frightening... The End doesn't simply subvert categorization. It defies time itself"

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