The Lost Broadcasts (DVD) by Manassas

The Lost Broadcasts (DVD)

This lost broadcast release from Gonzo Multimedia is taken from the archives of German TV company Studio Hamburg.

All the takes are included with false starts, studio chit-chat and everything else that is usually edited out, left in. As a result these are an invaluable historical document.

For two years from 1971, Manassas were one of the most exciting and critically acclaimed musical ensembles on the planet formed by Stephen Stills during the first hiatus of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. This band mix rock, soul, funk, and Latin influences to produce a melodic and eminently listenable-to (and danceable-to) brand of music. Sadly, internal conflicts tore the band asunder after only two brief years, and all their fans (and fans of Stephen Stills) have bemoaned the fact that there were so few recorded artifacts from the period.

The discovery of these lost tapes, and their release on this DVD package are an invaluable boon.

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