HORNS: Full-range horn loaded on a budget; is it really possible?

I'm desperate to find a full-range driver, horn loaded designed, wood cabinet speaker in the next week or two. I'm depressed since having to sell my beloved Horning Agathon Ultimates and not being able to enjoy my music. I need speakers. Something to get me by for now but still satisfy my spoiled ears. I was set to purchase the Zu Omen (Standard or Def) but disappointingly they don't have stock and build time is 4-6 weeks. That's frustrating because it's rare that I find something I like so quick - aesthetic wise. I can see that kind of wait for $10K speakers, but $1500?

Let me know your suggestions for $2800 and under. I have a few brands in mind but would like to hear from others who have possibly owned/auditioned various ones.


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