Early pressings – are they worth it?

The thread starts: I am sitting here listening to a Doris Day LP from the '50s. The original copy I had was from my Dad's collection and I thought that it was pretty astounding. It is mono, but has the greatest sense of presence and weight. LPs from today all sound anemic in comparison. My copy had a lot clicks and pops, so I bought one on the net that promised to be very quiet. I am guessing this must be an early pressing because the recording was miles ahead of the one I had.

I had no idea just how much better an early pressing could be, but the copy I had sounded like caricature of this new one. There was just so much more emotion and detail. I have a CD of this and the CD is a joke. Thank god for LPs. BTW, I was very surprised when I heard Doris Day's voice. She just does not look like she could sing like (as my Dad would say) a f**king angel.


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