BILL LASWELL: The complete interview

Bill Laswell 300x216 Interview with Bill Laswell: I think everything’s experimental whether you like it or not. I think that people who do generic pop are experimenting with clichés

This interview by Miquel Cullen (The Independent):

Bill Laswell is telling an anecdote about Ginger Baker, the scandal-prone Cream drummer and star of this year’s cult film Beware of Mr Baker: “In Tuscany, when I went to visit him in his abandoned farm house, nobody knew who he was. I remember Jimmy Page came to visit him and they wanted to play, so they played in this abandoned bar in town, and this guy comes over and says: “You got any Zeppelin?”

Next month, Laswell is filming a movie with Jay Bulger, the creator of Beware of Mr Baker, in Morocco. The film will attempt to retrace the footsteps of Paul Bowles’s Afro-Asian travel writing. Put to music by Laswell and directed by Bulger, the film aims to explore the rites of passage and music of nomadic Northern African tribes.

Bill Laswell is perhaps the most prolific explorer of ..........