SPENDOR: Big Spendors for a not so big spender

"I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this: My perfect hi-fi would probably be Spendor SP100Rs driven by suitable Naim stuff, but I could never possibly afford that. http://s560.photobucket.com/albums/s...lies/17433.gif

So what about the older 100 series Spendors? The S100 or SP100? And what to drive them with? My past experiences with smaller Naim (Nait 1) and Creek (4140) amps were quite positive, but I never really warmed up to the Linn Majik I and LK1/280 that I had (both sounded more mechanical than rhythmically upbeat to me, but to each his own), if this gives some insight.Thank you for you thoughts."


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