BETH HART: The Interview

Blues in Britain writes: Here’s the unexpurgated extended version of the interview with Beth Hart from this month’s magazine: Platinum-selling singer Beth Hart was in London to promote Don’t Explain, her album of soul covers with Joe Bonamassa. She spoke to Moray Stuart of Blues In Britain about that, her career so far and her forthcoming UK shows in November. Photo by Al Stuart

Was it a surprise when Joe Bonamassa called you to say, ‘Let’s go and do this’?

A huge surprise! I didn’t really care what it was we were going to do, I was just really excited to work with him. I was so flattered that he would call me to do that, and then to give me such leeway: I mean, truly, what a gentleman! I received such respect from him and Kevin Shirley [producer on Don't Explain] and the whole band. What amazing guys, there was so much respect it was like it was my band. I got to go in and do my thing and there was no dictating how it should go; no-one did that to anybody. It was like Kevin put us all together in a studio and said, ‘Go!’ We just played down each song maybe three, four times and he’d say, ‘OK, that’s done, let’s move on to the next one’ and it went as simple as that; it was so nice.

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