JOE WALSH: Live Across The Airwaves (CD)

Captured over a ten-year period in the songwriter’s career 1981-1991, this valuable overview of Joe Walsh’s live work reveals an impassioned songwriter whose overt and acute sense of humour has enticed numerous audiences and listeners since his early days with the James Gang and The Eagles.

A decade of personal turmoil, but also one that resulted in some of Walsh’s most notable triumphs and his finest work. Combined with a fluidity and intelligence that has enjoyed the accolades of rocks finest guitarists including Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, his own career establishes Walsh as a wildly prolific and hugely versatile musician and performer.

In his many collaborations throughout the years with rock’s hierarchy, his close friendship with Who drummer Keith Moon is warmly remembered; “Keith Moon decided he liked me so he taught me the finer arts of hotel damage. He took me to a hardware store and got some charcoal and lawn fertilizer. He'd mix them up, put them in a condom, and flush it down the toilet. It would go down two or three floors and blow somebody's toilet out of the wall” surely the hallmark of any successful artist back in the day.

Presented with background liners, photos and fully re-mastered original FM broadcasts.

01. Indian Summer 02. Ashes The Rain And I / Meadows 03. Walk Away 04. Welcome To The Club05. Over And Over06. Two Sides To Every Story 07. Ordinary Average Guy 08. Life's Been Good09. Funk #49 10. Rocky Mountain Way 11. The Confessor

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