BLUE OYSTER CULT: Forbidden Delights

This Blue Oyster Cult live radio broadcast, from Sherman Oaks' 1,000-capacity Reseda Country Club, was sponsored by Los Angeles' top hard rock FM station, KMET - aka 'The Mighty Met'.

Although BOC had recently completed an extensive 60-plus date nationwide tour, this one-off gig was without a support, and all tickets were given away free by the broadcasters.

Most successful of all thus far was the 1975 live album, 'On Your Feet or on Your Knees', which was BOC's first gold record.  Its successor, 'Agents Of Fortune' (1976) featured the band's best known song, the melodic hard rock classic, (Don't Fear) The Reaper.

Later, around the turn of the decade, Eric Bloom co-wrote some songs with legendary Science Fantasy writer Michael Moorcock which featured on albums including 'Cultosaurus Erectus' (1980) and 'Fire of Unknown Origin' (1981).

'Fire of Unknown Origin' was BoC's current release when this broadcast recording was made. The band were on a roll as Burnin' For You had hit the US Top 40 and the album went on to become a platinum-seller. In addition to that track, live versions of Veteran of the Psychic Wars, Joan Crawford and Heavy Metal are all included herein.

1. Dr. Music 3.30 2. E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) 5.16 3. Hot Rails to Hell 4.45 4. The Red and the Black 4.27 5. Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll 5.54 6. Joan Crawford 5.08 7. Burnin For You 5.15 8. Veteran of the Psychic Wars 8.11 9. ME262 3.22 10. Born to be Wild 7.23 11. (Dont Fear) The Reaper 6.55 12. Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver 4.24 13. Roadhouse Blues 11.59

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