TIM HARDIN: In Session 1963 WTBS-FM, Boston, MA (CD)

We are told .....

A claustrophobic and compelling early snap shot of a 22 year old Tim Hardin in session on New Year's Day 1963.

Recorded and broadcast by M.I.T. radio station WTBS-FM from Cambridge, Massachusetts, it showcases an already versed, proficient & confident troubadour effortlessly delivering folk/blues standards accompanied only by guitar & pounding Cuban heel.

Already imbued with Wild Turkey Bourbon & the heroin recently introduced to his veins via Vietnam, hear his plaintive & poignant fractured genius in the starting block of a true maverick's course.

Happy New Year!

U.S.FM Radio Broadcast

  1. Cant' Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover.
  2. Hesitation Blues
  3. Talk with Tim
  4. Danville Dame
  5. Crossroad Blues
  6. Hoochie Coochie Man
  7. House of the Rising Sun
  8. Whiskey Whiskey
  9. Pickin' On
  10. Railroad Worksong
  11. Rocky Mountain & Woman Blues
  12. Makes A Long-time Man Feel Bad

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