Tim de Paravicini – The Stereophile star interview

Originally published October 2009

Stereophile: You are president of Esoteric Audio Research, a British manufacturer of tube amplifiers, and a world-renowned designer of tube equipment and output transformers. I thought we'd begin with a little background. Where were you born? What kind of education did you get to prepare you for a career in audio?

De Paravicini: I was born in 1945 in Nigeria, of all places, of British parents. My father was in Nigeria at the time as a geologist. I was taken back to England at the age of 7 for education, and there I went on to what we call Technical College and did Electrical Engineering. During my youth audio and radio had been a passion of mine as a hobby. I was building AM radios for picking up DX stations, and then moved on to .....

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