AUDIOPHILE CONFUSION: The more I learn, the less I know …

I'm sure we've heard this saying. Sadly, it seems many here aren't humble enough to lay down their dogma and accept this saying as meaningful. I certainly have eaten my dogma and words a lot in audio over the years. At least I've learned to think for myself and trust my own ears.

We obviously don't know everything (hell, just about everyone here isn't even a designer or DIY enthusiast so opinions are spurious collections of random data points at best). Even some designers who post here have rather, um, interesting opinions.

Measurements (the forms currently deemed acceptable as arbiters of sonic goodness) don't tell the whole story whatsoever. The last time I looked, my ears in no way, shape or form resembled an oscilliscope or multimeter in function.

I started a thread on single ended triodes and it devolved into a mean, argumentative disaster when measurement nazis got involved to "learn us" on just how stupid we were for liking something they didn't because it doesn't measure well by currently accepted methods.

Look, for all of you "experts" here, do me a favor and go talk to some audio designers. Any designer (speakers, solid state, digital, valve). Then you'll learn something. I have -- a lot. I'm an engineer and a curious sort by nature, especially when I go to spend the kind of money high end audio involves. Are there a lot of weirdo designers out there? Yes, in my opinion. Are there a lot of very smart, humble, down to earth guys designing gear? Indeed. Maybe talk to some real experts before spewing your "expertise" why don't you? Just a thought. One thing I've learned the hard way as an engineer is to never talk out of my ass.

One thing you will find out is that many use measurements you'd never dream of seeing in Stereophile. It's their tricks of the trade and they obviously don't like sharing such knowledge, although they've hinted at various things to me (or even tried to explain some things, but I'm materials, not electrical, by degree).

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